It’s Not Just a Club...
It’s a Lifestyle.


What is a Hulagan you may ask?

We are all Hulagans at heart. We are a cigar group made up of men and women throughout the world, with a commonality… The love of a good cigar and a passion for life. Whether you are wanting to meet new people in the community, learn about or share your knowledge of cigars, herf with others while smoking or just talk about life, the Hulagans is where you want to be. We have new comers to the cigar world and others that have been smoking for years. You will also be introduced to some of the cigar manufacturers of the world through organized herfs.

Hulagans of the leaf

Cigar Knowledge

Learn about cigars, how to smoke them, and find exclusive member discounts.

Guest Herfs

Meet cigar manufacturers and whiskey distillers of the brands you may see in your local stores.


T-shirts, mugs, hats, hoodies, lighters, and more.

Long Term Friendships

Join a group of like minded cigar smokers that share knowledge, laugh at each other (I mean with each other), listen to each other, and build friendships.