Hulagans of the leaf


What is a hulagan

Who We Are

A Hulagan is not a person… It is what is within each of us. It is that energy within you that most people rarely get to see. There are many things that make up what we love most in the world. It could be the time we spend with family, the quick jig in private, playing an instrument, riding your horse, soaking in a tub, or just sitting back and smoking a cigar. It’s not necessarily about being out of control. It’s about the things we love that bring that inner peace when life gets in the way. To let go of the stresses of the world and just do what you want to feel free. Very much like our inner child.

We in the cigar community are a passionate group by nature. We have a strong sense for family bonds, and a weakness when it comes to heartache and suffering. We began this group with the hope and idea of supporting our brothers and sisters in the military through Cigars for Warriors. Cigars for Warriors allows our military brothers and sisters, who may not have access to cigars while stationed around the world, an opportunity to enjoy a good cigar while dealing with the stresses of their everyday life. An opportunity to feel alive. To let go and show that inner Hulagan. As the club evolved, we began fundraising for additional causes. Each of us in the cigar community knows someone that has been affected by a hardship or illness in their life. Including some of us ourselves having been affected. Whether it be Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, a Brother or Sister of the Leaf, etc…, this is our chance to give back and show them how much we really do care. A little goes a long way.

Fortunately, there are many cigar smokers around the world with a heart. It isn’t about the patch you wear or the cigar you smoke… It’s about the passion each of us has within ourselves to give back a little. Take time to find that inner Hulagan. Live a little every day.

It’s Not Just a Club... It’s a Lifestyle.