Top 3 Cigar Shops Virginia Beach

When it comes to finding a great cigar shops in Virginia Beach the good news is there are only a few options, Emerson’s Cigars, Smoke Shacks, and The Cigar Lounge. That being said The Cigar Lounge and Smoke Shacks are owned by the same person, and all his shops are not created equal. As someone who searches for great cigars, I have been to all of them in Virginia Beach and Norfolk and here are the best shops with the best selections in the area..

#1 Emerson’s Cigars in Town Center

This is my go to shop, they really don’t have a lounge just a few seats and a flat screen. But what they do have is an incredible staff that is extremely knowledgable about every cigar they carry. They have recommended over 50 cigars to me and never once put something in my hand that I didn’t enjoy fully.

No matter what style of cigar or price point you are at, they will help you find an amazing stick that you will enjoy. I think that everyone should be checking these guys out. Ask for Tyler or Dan (old Veteran) and let them know Big Jake with the dog sent ya.

By the way all Emerson’s Cigar shops are good, this is just my go to.

Phone: (757) 493-9910
Address: 4435 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

#2 The Cigar Lounge

If you are looking for a cigar lounge to smoke in with a huge selection (maybe biggest in Virginia Beach), then this is your spot. They have a selection that is almost overwhelming but you can always find good stuff in there. Unless Vic is there you won’t find many folks who work there that know about cigars, but they have a huge lounge, lots of TV’s and a good environment.

They have done an amazing job with with seating, providing extremely comfortable seats, lots of flat screen tv’s, and a very friendly group of regulars.

Website: NA
Phone: NA
Address: 1363 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Virginia Beach, VA 23453

#3 Emerson’s Cigars – Hilltop

I know we have Emerson’s Cigars as my first choice, but they have some of the best shops in the area and depending on where you are you might find this one closer to you. As it is much closer to the beach than the other one. Cigar shops in Virginia Beach are hard to find as there are only a few different ones. But at least we have ones with great selections.

If you want to have a drink and a cigar, right now this is the only cigar lounge in Virginia Beach that you can do that at. And if you base any choice off Yelp reviews, this place is worth looking into.

Phone: (757) 422-2971
Address: 1564 Laskin Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451